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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Enduring to the end!

Present Help

The raising of Biblical discernment is one of the major objectives of this ministry. We are here to help. The following are ways in which we would encourage you to proceed:

  • Read and study the passages listed on the "Crucial Passages" page. Print the list and simply observe what the passages are saying. As you do so, don’t forget four basic, yet crucial principles: 1) The Word says what it means and means what it says - the simple meaning is often the intended meaning; 2) Read the Word in its context; 3) Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to aid in understanding. "Open my eyes Lord, that I may behold wonderful things from Your Law." and, 4) Allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. Remember, if we neglect to interact with God’s insight concerning these days, we ourselves are to blame for our ignorance - God has done His part! If we decide to neglect His sound counsel to us, we will be possibly contributing to our very own deception. Yes, it’s that serious a thing. Let’s not further contribute to this neglect. Instead, let’s be in His Word regularly and enjoy His counsel that bears great fruit (Joshua 1:8-10; Psalms 1, 119; Isaiah 40:4 and 55:8-11);
  • Discern global culture. Evaluate world, regional and local events in light of God’s Word. Before one can do so accurately, one must be familiar with the Biblical teachings on end-time events. Once again, the urgent appeal to be reading and studying the Word of God is made. After one is Biblically literate, great understanding allows the same to more deeply discern current affairs - from the growing interest in murder and common thievery to sorcery and sexual immorality (Revelation 9:21 - Wow!);
  • Tell others about our web sites that bring help on specific issues. Use the "email page" link in the top right hand corner of this page. Also see the Truth Foundations’ web site link (below) after completing the reading of this page. We all need help to one degree or another. God has gifted some of His people with prophetic understanding. We are to listen to those who herald His message if the message they bring is a Biblical message. Endurance Ministries is exclusively committed to proclaiming the clear message of the Word. If at any time we contradict an explicit Biblical truth, please write to us. It is our absolute resolve to be God’s faithful ambassadors in Jesus Christ and thus accurately proclaim His message, not our own. Our Lord Jesus offers tremendous example here (read about His total commitment to bring the message of His Father in the Gospel of John) - example worthy of our emulation;
  • Subscribe to our newsletters. Endurance Ministries Newsletter addresses many end-time issues, from media and book reviews to articles touching upon key themes that God highlights in His Word as important concerns; from observing significant end-time passages to exposing some of the deceptions the antichrist will use to bring the world into further bondage. Truth Foundations Newsletter addresses the crucial role the Word of God plays in helping us avoid falling prey to the lies of the evil one. The present-day attack on the credibility of God’s Word is also emphasized in this newsletter. Those discerning the important place authority voices (knowledge methods/information sources) have in any inquiry under the sun will find this source helpful. Current Issues Newsletter addresses current affairs occurring in a variety of global, regional and local contexts. To receive a free introductory newsletter, simply write to us at the address below. (Subscription requests are only filled through written request - email requests will not be processed. Thanks for understanding.)  And,  
  • Allow us a more personal ministry with you by hosting a church, school or community presentation. These presentations use up-to-date equipment and provide helpful materials for participants. For a list of seminar, workshop and conference presentations, write to us at the address immediately below. We only offer twelve presentations annually due to our speaker’s other ministry commitments, so please be patient when seeking to schedule an event for your area.

For more information, please write to us at:

Endurance Ministries

P.O. Box 92098

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or, if other than requesting a sample newsletter,

email us at email@endmin.org


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