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Friday, September 17, 2021
Enduring to the end!
Frequently  Asked  Questions 2 (21-40)   
Q #21  How is our culture denying the idea that the end is near?
Q #22  Is Preterism a viable alternative concerning END TIMES?
Q #23  Have you disappeared?  Why haven't you been posting new material of late? 
Q #24  Why do you insist upon pressing this topic in light of all the controversy it brings?
              Doesn't Scripture speak against sowing discord among the brethren?
Q #25  How would present culture begin further persecuting followers of Christ?
Q #26  Don’t you face a chronological inconsistency concerning the false christs and false 
              prophets of Matthew 24:23-26 and that which the TEXT teaches comes AFTER
              these false teachers—that is, the heavenly signs and the sign of the Son of Man 
              (Matthew 24:29, 30)?
Q #27  What emphasis/approach does your Final Trumpet Rapture  workbook take?
Q #28  Do you believe we are living in the "final generation" before our Lord's return?
Q #29  Why do you emphatically deny the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering is
              a MID-TRIB Rapture position when the evidence leads to the contrary?
Q #30  You seem almost angry at times.  WHY is this the case?
Q #31  What can I do if your Web information is no longer available?
Q #32  Where does "Armageddon" fit into your chronology?
Q #33  Others also teach the "Final" Trumpet of I Cor. 15 is the 7th Trump of Rev. 11.  Are 
              you in agreement with their understanding(s) of the Final Trumpet Rapture details?
Q #34  ... So are you saying Endurance Ministries and the ministry team have THE Truth
              about end-time details? 
Q #35  How do anti-Christian religions contribute to the end of days (before Christ's Return)? 
Q #36  Now I'm REALLY confused!!  In FAQs #2 & #29 you state the Final Trumpet Rapture
              Gathering (FTRG) is emphatically NOT a mid-tribulation position.  BUT in FAQ #33
              you diagram a mid-trib position!  The FTRG  IS  indeed mid-trib, IS IT NOT? 
Q #37  Are there false teachings being taught in the church today?
Q #38  Do you agree with the way Daniel's 70th Week is typically defined by most
Q #39  Just how do you "label" those who make false prophetic claims?
Q #40  In your materials you claim II Timothy 4:3-4 is taking place today. How so?
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Q #21  How is our culture conditioning global inhabitants against the ideas:

          1)  the end is near;  and, 
          2)  it is God’s will that it end?
There are so many mediums demonstrating this goal it’s amazing more don’t discern what’s happening. Many have seen the movie Independence Day. In this film the great threat—coming on the clouds—is defeated by man even though the invader was much more advanced. While the threat in the movie is alien attack—as opposed to the Second Coming of Christ—the idea that man’s ability will be able to overcome any threat interfering with mankind’s global plans is clearly and powerfully presented. 
The End of Days and the TV series, Revelations (NBC) also testify in support of the effort to distort the actual way in which the end of days will indeed take place. For example, the antichrist’s coming will not be deterred by a hulk-like cop who cares about the one scheduled to mother the antichrist (and who actually ends up delaying the satanic plan for another 1,000 years due to his efforts in opposition). And no, the idea the Messiah will once again come as a baby as Revelations depicts is in clear contrast to the glorious way in which the Lord Jesus will return. (Matthew 24:30; Acts 1:9-11; Revelation 6:14-17)  
Other more recent movies continue the brainwashing of the biblically illiterate audience into feeling the real enemies out there today are those who say, “It is the very end of times and Jesus Christ will be returning shortly.” Mist, a movie from a fairly popular Steven King novel, portrays a woman as being the evil one due to her belief the end has come.
Sunshine is also one that speaks to this issue. The evil one – the captain of the first vessel which attempted to restart the sun – has had a spiritual awakening and believes it is God’s will the earth dies, for it is the time of the end of humanity. This being – having transformed into a semi-spiritual creature – then goes after the second crew in order to sabotage their mission (to restart the sun). He says it is God’s will the sun die, but in the end God’s will is thwarted by mankind. The second mission is successful and restarts the sun. Secular man’s will circumvents God’s will.
Remember the Coke commercials where the one drinking the Coke is the happy one and goes around converting others who have lost their way? He even passes by a placard-carrying guy (sign reading: “The end is near”). When everything settles in the end, even the placard dude throws his sign away and joins the party. Wow!
Issue: Today people are being conditioned to hate those who say, “The end of the world is at hand.” They are evil, sick, social misfits, you name it – anything but normal. Actually, they are the malignant tumors among us. We need to get rid of them. So some say.
Note: Things like what is pictured below are further contributing to the undermining of the very source—the Bible—which informs us along the lines the end is near. Like the false teaching which says we must not take the Bible seriously/literally today (e.g., Rescuing the Bible From Fundamentalism), this recent sign is yet additional evidence that even churches are departing from the Truth of God’s Word.

Q #22  Is Preterism a viable alternative concerning END TIMES?
On the college campuses we contend (Jude 3) with those who would like to approach matters of question (e.g., on the topic of origins; the Person of Jesus Christ, etc.) similar to the philosophical approach of a deconstructionist. Let me explain.
Among other things, a deconstructionist typically approaches a controversy seeking to tear down the established position(s). They often fail to go on to offer either a clear or satisfactory answer to a sincerely problematic situation. Instead of offering helpful ideas on a particular question (especially in support of the position they espouse), they often simply attack the views they dislike, for one reason or another. Discern this dear Christian, for it takes place much more often than we think. For example, a deconstruction-like appeal is the main response of the evolutionary community to the Intelligent Design evidence. The evolutionary community is NOT showing evidence in warrant for a naturalistic origin of matter and life as much as they are attacking (primarily so) the position of design. So how much evidence in support of large-scale evolution is factually presented? Hmmmmmm (Hang in here, my point is forthcoming as to how this pertains to End Time concerns.)
I recall a philosophy instructor with whom we tried to debate. The topic was “origins.” On three occasions we were moving toward a debate.  As we simply approached the question in a you give your view; we give ours (to state it generally), we found the opposing side was actually unwilling to see the invitation through. Each time this instructor cancelled the debate. What a lesson on  some classrooms foster and support certain lingering ideological dictatorships.

In an academic setting—especially in a debate format—you’d think these who love to tear down the views they reject would quickly enter into an opportunity to promote their view. Guess what? Such was not the case in these settings. Why? In part, because the professor was unwilling to put his position of origins on the line, side-by-side another credible position. In fact, it was his final judgment that the position he was to debate was unworthy of a debate and so, there was no debate—he made the decision.  It ended there. WOW! This happened, in similar ways, three times. Fooled me once, shame on you; fooled me twice, shame on me; fooled me three times:  I’m no longer willing to cast pearl before swine.
Why do I take the time to tell this true story?
It relates to this question of “End Times.” 
You see, Preterism is LESS a position about End Times than it is an effort at end-time deconstruction. How in the world can I make such a claim? Read their materials. That which they offer in place of an end-time position primarily focuses on a denial of the main passages the Church has used since its inception to speak authoritatively on the topic of end times! Go ahead, ask the Preterist—both the full and the partial Preterist—for his/her view on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. You may be surprised as to what little they are willing to disclose. The deconstructionist, you see, enjoys a very safe position in that they often steer away from offering their position on an important topic. It’s so safe to tear down a position.  But what are they actually offering by way of constructive insight into crucial concerns. And my friends, the topic of End Times is a crucial concern given the MANY signs of our times and given how strongly our Lord Jesus addressed this topic. 
One of the reasons why I question Preterism is this: I have not seen or heard a clear presentation concerning what THEY hold by way of end-time viewpoint. As a result, they really are not offering a position on end times. Oh, as they read this criticism, they may call a meeting and try to come up with an eschatological position—I really doubt they ever will be able to come to consensus on a “Preteristic” position on END TIMES!  And if they ever respond to this fair appeal—that they present what it is they actually hold concerning the days prior to the return of Jesus Christ—it will be MOST INTERESTING to hear/see what they have to offer! 
Until then, dear believer in God’s explicit Word, take the actual content of His kind revelation—contained, for example, in Daniel, Matthew 24, 25 and Revelation—and carefully observe its counsel, for these eschatological passages have SO MUCH to say about our days! 
When these Preteristic Deconstructionists finally come out with eschatological substance, then, YES, by all means, give them a fair hearing on their end-time position. Until then, don’t buy their supposition the passages above are not pertinent to us today!
Please see our latest book release: The Final Trumpet RAPTURE Gathering: An Introduction, for it presents some major dangers tied to full and partial Preterism.  Just send us—Endurance Ministries—$16 (this includes shipping) and we will send you this 260-page book.
Would ANY Preterist who is deemed an expert on this position care to enter into debate on the topic of End Times and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? The expert Preterists are more so historical experts (based on their assumptions and position). What we are asking for is a debate on ESCHATOLOGY.   If there is a willingness to address this topic, please contact us and let’s talk over this crucial contemporary concern. But one condition to the debate format: This is a debate on Eschatological matters: you give your view; we give ours. Any serious takers?
In answer to the question, “Is Preterism a viable alternative concerning END TIMES?” I find myself needing to better know what it is they actually believe concerning the days just prior to Jesus Christ’s return to earth before I can answer. I know their INTERPRETATIONS concerning the material of Daniel, Matthew 24, 25 and Revelation, but I need to hear from them just what it is they believe concerning the end of human history before God returns and makes everything right. Is this not a fair appeal!? Will we find this emperor to have no clothes?
Please write to us at      Endurance Ministries    and give us some response to our questions.
                                       P.O. Box 92098
                                    Portland, OR 97292
Q #23  Have you disappeared?  Why haven't you been posting new material of late? 
Good question, and I apologize for my negligence. I will change my ways and resume this important aspect of our ministry efforts.
In answer to your question, Endurance Ministries decided to move into a more public posture this next decade (2010 – 2020, should our Lord tarry). As a result, we have been directing our main attention to our first book publication—which is now available to the general public. If you are interested in viewing a short video promo, please visit the link below. THANK YOU for your continued interest in this crucial cultural affair. We look forward to your resuming your regular visits to this site where we will indeed resume addressing frequently asked questions.
Q #24  Why do you insist upon pressing this topic in light of all the controversy it brings?
           Doesn't Scripture speak against sowing discord among the brethren?
Scripture speaks to both the error of divisiveness AND sound doctrine. Because the Word clearly outlines the Truth of our Lord’s return, we persist in the appeal that we obey that which He has called us to: ready expectancy. As a result, we offer the following with humble concern for the welfare of God’s people who are increasingly growing impatient concerning (and apathetic toward) our blessed hope.
Do you recall the old moral story of the boy who cried “wolf”?
Allow me to tell the story in such a way as to better fit—from a biblical perspective—our current cultural context, one which especially addresses the dangerous view: It will all pan out in the end … so don’t concern yourself with biblical data on this topic of “end times.”
     Once upon a time, certain prophetic shepherds kept watch over the flock of God. 
     Trained in sundry end-time perspectives, they, on various occasions, over a course 
     of many centuries, emphatically declared the end of the age. Included in their mantras
     were some which we find especially familiar—even in our day: “Jesus is coming!” 
     “The end is near!” “The Kingdom of God has arrived!” 
     As decades of false announcement fostered  n u m b n e s s  to their cries, one day it
     finally did take place. One day, as truly declared by the Shepherd, the end did indeed
     come. But a profound piece of the cultural puzzle brought great sadness to the Shepherd. 
     Because His flock had grown so used to the familiar appeals—“Jesus is coming!” “The
     end is near!” “The Kingdom of God is present!”—the people stopped looking for the signs
     foretelling the Shepherd’s soon return. Great sorrow unfolded as the Shepherd’s people
     rejected signs preceding that for which they longed—the Shepherd’s glorious return … or 
     was it actually not so important to them after all? The Shepherd, too, was grieving, for 
     some of those who were waiting did not, in utter shock and amazement, make it to the
     Great Reunion feast.
In relationship to the story of the boy who cried wolf, we live in a day where many global villagers are no longer heeding the Counsel of the soon-returning Lord. (Mark 13:28-37; Phil. 3:20, 21; II Peter 3:3-9) Frankly, having become embarrassed by the many failed declarations of the false prophets, some act as if they now scorn the fact that one day the Lord will indeed return. They have allowed the charges of the anti-God culture to turn them in a direction where they are no longer: 1. interested in biblically discerning the day; 2. eagerly awaiting the return of the Savior; or, 3. modeling the  patient enduring of the saints.
Please embrace wisdom and say “NO” to the many poor reasons the deceivers are giving the world to disregard the posture the Lord has called His end-time people to take: ready expectancy. Please heed the counsel of our Lord by staying true to this fact: Our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. As we see end-time themes begin to unfold, may we look up, yes, let’s lift up our heads, because our redemption draws near!
A Question: Are you finding yourself quickly rejecting the main emphasis of this simple appeal? Had you already begun deconstructing this message even before you finished reading the short address above? If so, why? Is it possible we have been so conditioned to reject the Truth that we run into a defensive posture against what could possibly be a warning from Almighty God—one most consistent with His revelation to us? 
A Request: Please lay aside for just a moment the uncalled-for rejection of this appeal in order to give it fair consideration.  Ponder, for just a bit, the possibility of one who, in a   very different way than the shepherd-boys who preceded him, shouts an in-fact warning concerning eschatological wolves in our midst … ones immediately preceding the return   of the Great Shepherd and Overseer of our souls.  Try to avoid what may be a faulty association with the false prophetic shepherd-boys of the past who have incorrectly cried, “Wolf! Wolf!
Q #25  How would present culture begin further persecuting followers of Christ?
What do the following movie releases have in common?
            The Book of Eli
            Angels and Demons
What are our latest global crises (Haiti ... Japan ... ?) demonstrating by way of the global village?
Cultural conditioners – be they take place through the big screen or in real life – are indeed addressing biblical themes which are addressed in end-time passages.
2012, in light of the Mayan calendar, has some Bible prophecy ministries carefully claiming (but do you notice they are able to deny date-setting charges due to ambiguity in their messages?) the end is soon—some including specific dates (12/21/12). Astronomical signs, in light of Jewish holidays, are also used to date set. But what does Scripture teach? “No one knows the day nor the hour of His return.” While this is true, it is equally true that we are to be ready, those who generally discern the hour. We are to be ready in our day whereby this thief-in-the-night Day of the Lord will not overtake us as a thief (I Thess. 5:1-11). 
So how could present culture begin further persecuting followers of Christ?
Movies describe, in part, present culture but they also shape it. The Book of Eli has a promoter of the Book doing everything he can to see it safely to a group who puts the NKJV Bible back into circulation. While the motives of the bad guy of the movie have also been attributed to Christians (that is, there are those who promote the Bible simply because they wish to control the masses), it’s the good guy of the movie – Eli – who is of special concern to us. In seeking to accomplish his goal, he decapitates and cuts off a hand and … (I don’t know, how many are killed by this good guy?) in order to see his mission complete – to restore the Bible to its proper place in society: available to the people. But in so fulfilling his mission he is seen by the viewing audience as one who is warlike, willing to kill the enemies who get in his way. As those who take this media class drink from this cup of instruction, they are encouraged to see Christians in similar light—aggressive killers who would stop at nothing to protect their Book. This, my friends, is another example of mixing truth with a lie. Yes, followers of Jesus Christ thank God for His Truthful revelation to us … but we do not live out un-Christ-like actions in order to promote His Truths which are forever settled in heaven. 
In conclusion, discern present culture and how its deception is further shaping the minds of the masses to view Christians in such a way as to label them as dangerous to society. As this unfolds—and Scripture says it will—people will no longer tolerate those who persist in proclaiming Truth personified (Jesus Christ) as the way, the Truth and the life.  Discern the lies dear friends and go to and abide in the Truth, Who alone is able to set us free.
Q #26  Don’t you face a chronological inconsistency concerning the false christs and false 
           prophets of Matthew 24:23-26 and that which the TEXT teaches comes AFTER these 
           false teachers—that is, the heavenly signs and the sign of the Son of Man 
           (Matthew 24:29, 30)?
Another good question!
The text explicitly teaches these false christs and false prophets come on the scene (with their false messages concerning the physical location of Christ) AFTER the great tribulation. (Most popular end-time chronologies do not allow for the natural flow of this text when it comes to this data.) What we also affirm is the word “immediately” of verse 29. Simply stated, and in answer to the question immediately above, we believe the great tribulation is cut short for the sake of the elect. “Immediately” thereafter, the heavenly signs begin to take place. Shortly after these signs, the sign of the Son of Man unfolds. Then the false prophets (those claiming to know where Christ had gone to) begin bringing these deceptions.
Please recall this Son-of-Man sign. (Matthew 24:30 and, we believe, Revelation 6:14-17 disclose some information about this initial appearing of Christ.) This sign occurs after the heavenly signs. This sign of the Son of Man represents Christ’s initial appearing (only). After this event in the clouds, He disappears. This explains why the false christs and false prophets then go on to bring deceptive messages concerning the whereabouts of Christ. And, according to our Lord’s insight and counsel, His Saints/followers are not to believe these false reports. You see, the Rapture event is still yet to take place!
So, in light of the question posed above, no, we do not bear a chronological inconsistency due to the heavenly signs which are stated by the text to occur “immediately” after the great tribulation is cut short (Matthew 24:29 – “immediately”; vs. 30 – “then”). “Then” the false christs and prophets appear. This is a viable understanding of the text given the terms used to describe the end-time account.  By the way, two questions for you: 1. How does your end-time view answer the question of these events taking place AFTER the great tribulation? 2. How does your view accommodate the false messages of the bad guys of verses 23 – 26 according to the chronological flow of the authoritative text?
So, as you’ve possibly noted within this appeal, this proposal has recommended a departure from the relatively recent view presently in majority. Instead, it suggests the two events of Daniel 12:11 are separated by 1,290 days. This proposal also suggests the 70th Week of Daniel does not conclude (terminus ad quem) with the Great Tribulation as many end-time charts teach. In light of the potential construct of Daniel’s 70th Week as presented by this view (a view which has been held throughout church history), and in light of the explicit content of Matthew 24, days follow the Great Tribulation, ones which include the period of the stellar signs, the sign of the Son of Man and the days of the false christs and prophets who bring signs and proclamations concerning the whereabouts of Christ. (Remember, He appears in the sky – accounted in His initial appearing [Matthew 24:30; Revelation 6:14-17]. The people of the earth go on to wonder where He’s gone. The false prophets will take advantage of this opportunity and will mislead many.) These days are followed by the events unfolding during the season of the trumpet blasts. At the final trumpet, in harmony with Matthew 24:31, John 14:1-4, I Cor. 15:51, 52, I Thess. 4:13-18 and Revelation 11:15ff and 14:14-16, the Rapture event occurs. This is why, in part, we can indeed claim we have explicit warrant for this Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering. The Rapture event, as stated in black and white in Scripture, occurs at the last trump.  Please see  this link  which helps to set this concern in context.
Q #27  What emphasis/approach does your Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering  workbook take?
It presents material appealing to an inductive study (that is, an approach observing the actual content) of the Word of God.  For a sample, simply click the "this link" immediately above.   Please share your response to this material with us by emailing us at  email@endmin.org .
Q #28  Do you believe we are living in the "final generation" before our Lord's return?
The Scriptures teach end-time events will take place in one final generation. This does NOT mean there have not been earlier moments in history when some of the signs were presenting themselves.  But because the complete fulfillment of the end-time passages did not occur, these signs were NOT actually eschatological fulfillments of the events listed. This statement simply affirms the teaching of our Lord: “Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place.” (Matthew 24:34; emphasis ours; NRSV)  In application, please don’t allow the dogmatic Preterists to mislead you toward ill-preparedness, for they teach falsely concerning this crucial biblical theme of watchfulness before our Lord’s return. 
[Note: A sub FAQ, but one which is appropriate here: Some have said, “Don’t you demonstrate a lack of academic integrity when you use the word “preterist” as opposed to the word “preterits”? In answer: Actually, no, the word “preterists” has been around for a long time. See Webster’s New International Dictionary (2nd Edition; 1951) which has, as the second entry for “Preterists, the following: “2. Theol. One who believes the prophecies of the Apocalypse to have been already fulfilled”]
Q #29  Why do you emphatically deny the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering is
           a MID-TRIB Rapture position when the evidence leads to the contrary?
The answer is clearly presented in our major work, The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction. In short answer here, we simply define Daniel’s 70th Week without all the extra-biblical presumption which many Pre-Millennialists include in their charts detailing Daniel’s 70th Week.

For a very short promotional video, go to  www.TheRaptureGathering.com  and click the first link. So, in actuality, there really isn’t evidence to the contrary. As we state in the book, please study this position in fair manner whereby you really understand this position’s tenets BEFORE offering critical commentary. That’s a fair request all of us ask when presenting a position. We, in turn, ask for the same treatment. And again, we do so with this mindset: the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering position is a proposal for your prayerful consideration (as opposed to dogma) AND to which we’d strongly encourage a Berean response … investigate this in light of explicit biblical data.
Q #30  You seem almost angry at times.  WHY is this the case?
When an influential counselor brings dangerous, potentially life-threatening advice
to a client (or clients) in need, it’s maddening, is it not? It should be so IF we care
enough to respond!
When a guide subtly leads its group down a potentially perilous path, is it wrong to
bring warning?
Counselor Harold Camping has brought counsel which has not only fostered further
contempt toward prophetic voices—due to his recent false predictions—but has also
promoted much devastation in the lives of those who took his counsel seriously. This
makes me mad. Why? In addition to those who have been hurt, many others are
now further motivated to embrace the “Wolf! Wolf!” perspective and turn a deaf
ear to those who accurately counsel from the explicit Word of God.
This year (2011), Rose Publishing put out a guide to end-times prophecy. In it, in a
very subtle way, it makes appeals—time and time again—to listen to traditions of
 at the expense of emphasizing the clear teachings in the Word of God. The
many eschatological options are incomplete. Here are four examples:
1. Three essential truths* “that Christians have always believed” fail to include
      biblical material which clearly addresses crucial doctrines and events which
      have a bearing on one’s eternal state. My friends, eternally significant issues
      ARE major concerns. The Word of God does not relegate these issues as
      secondary nor as those concerns where each can decide for himself/herself
      as to the import of these biblical truths.  These are not minor. When, for
      example, our Lord say to shun false teaching concerning Christ—one of the
      warnings included within the time of sorrows (“See that no one deceives you”)
      —we must obey, for to fail to do so is death in light of God’s teaching concern-
      ing the doctrine of Christ (see our article on Neo-Gnosticism and the New Age
      movement at  www.endmin.org  under the Truth Matters section). When the
      Word of God says ALL who receive the mark of the beast will be cast into the
      Lake of Fire, this is NOT to be belittled or reinterpreted in light of one biblical
      doctrine—the doctrine of eternal security. Both appeals are true.
      * Note the authoritative appeal here. The appeal is based on historical theology,
          a good source of knowing, IF true but one that does not match biblical authority.
2. When God’s truths unfold in  our  context, the four suggested approaches to inter-
      preting apocalyptic literature—Futurist; Historicist; Idealist; and Preterist—become
      woefully insufficient. Let’s ADD the category “Presentists” to convey the urgency
      of OUR setting! WE have been called to be ready, watching, etc., so let’s do so!
3. When the textbook lists and develops the four main end-time views but then fails
      to encourage the reading audience to keep in mind there may exist other positions
      even more biblically endorsed (explicitly evidenced by the actual data graciously
      provided in the Word of God), then we have a problem, do we not? Let’s keep
      ALL the God-honoring/Bible-affirming options on the table of consideration! 
      Here’s  one specific example highlighting this concern:
4. When supposedly exegeting Matthew 24, the author lists Matthew 24:4-11, 23-26
      as biblical reference supporting the time when natural disasters, lying prophets and
      false messiahs present themselves. And, as one view—only two views are developed
      in this section of the textbook—is presented (the Futurist-only view), we find this
      quotation: “All of these events describe the era immediately before the future
      seven-year tribulation or during the early part of this tribulation.” (pg. 204 of Rose
      Guide to End-Time Prophecy) But WAIT one moment!! Is this what the text actually

      The text separates the early deceptive teachers (vv. 4,5) from another round of
      false prophets (vs. 11) AND then even goes on to list another group of false christs
      and false teachers (who, with lying signs and wonders, falsely declare the where-
      abouts—the physical location—of Christ). This last group appears AFTER the tribulation
      period! “Then” is included for a reason. Yet the exegesis of this text, according to the
      Rose  guide, fails to offer this very explicit understanding of the passage.  WOW! And
      please note: The deception during the time of these false christs and false prophets is
      so great even the elect, if possible, could potentially be deceived. Again, WOW!
It’s these kinds of  counselors  and  guides  that potentially present MAJOR dangers to
the Body of Christ. PLEASE, go back to the Word of God and allow it to say what it actually
says concerning the end of days … our eternal well-being is at stake—no exaggeration!
Q #31  What can I do if your Web information is no longer available?
IF it goes away and you don’t have the material, we would bring this counsel: READ the BOOK,
and ours (The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering: An Introduction) if you’d like crucial insight in 
regards to navigating through the unfriendly waters ahead.
But please don’t wait until that moment should it indeed take place. You can do something now

There may come a time when some WEB information is no longer available. Since we have so many ways to store information, we suggest down-loading our materials (on a UBS Mass Storage Device; Removable Disk; etc.) NOW as opposed to waiting until a time when the Internet may no longer be accessible. After that time, if this occurs, it will be too late to retrieve our information. One hour invested today (down-loading the material) is more than worthwhile. Note: EM will not be sending hard copies of this information once our web information disappears so please, make the commitment to have this helpful (to YOU) material.

A concern, if we may: Endurance Ministries seeks to help better prepare the Church for the days prior to the initial appearing of Christ.*  We do this because the Word speaks to readiness. Toward that end, in addition to transferring the important information (posted on our many web sites) onto a disk, look over our materials with a view of immediate application. Why? If people wait until they see some of these later signs, some preparations will no longer be an option due to the lateness of the hour. It frequently amazes us when the church shows such little regard for biblical counsel in a day when we need it most. The Parable of the Ten Virgins provides HUGE counsel for today. Remember, while all ten were waiting for the Bridegroom, only five made it into the wedding gathering.  The other five, due to ill-preparedness, did not. This is not an insignificant matter.
* We also provide helpful counsel concerning the period of the Trumpet blasts which follows His
initial appearing.  These events are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Because we believe the
Church will still be present on the earth following the sign of the Son of Man (Matthew 24:30;
Revelation 6:14-17), this brief moment in the human experience is important—even to the Church. 
While these things will unfold, it’s also crucial we discern eternally significant events are taking
place TODAY to which we need to be responding. This is a part of readiness
Q #32  Where does "Armageddon" fit into your chronology? 
This is yet another HUGE (that is, important) question!  How so?
It relates to just what it is that actually serves as our foundation for Truth.
You may have read some of the recent books and articles about the
Battle of Armageddon. As I have done so, I’ve found myself asking,
“Where in the Word of God are these things explicitly stated?”

Then I turn to the Word of God – the Bible – and find CONTRARY information
(that is, contrary to the information given in so many of these sources) about
this event!!  How so?  Just read the places in Scripture where this is addressed. 
You will find MUCH extra-biblical opinion on this topic … even to the extent
that is becomes anti-biblical.  Beware!
Here are a few false statements as to just what “Armageddon” is:
~ A war including nuclear exchange between the superpowers
     (one source said it would take place in 2007)
~ The Day of the Lord
~ The beast of Revelation 17
~ A symbolic picture of the war within the hearts and minds of men

In light of the actual biblical data, ALL of the above are incorrect.
Read Revelation 16. Note that which paves the way for the event AND
note the setting. This event takes place after the Final Trumpet Rapture
Gathering – during the late stage of the Bowls of Wrath – and is won by
the Lord Jesus Christ’s return to the earth in Revelation 19.
In application response, we don’t have to concern ourselves with this
event!  Yes, let’s take PEACE and JOY in the One who brings victory.
But let’s not be anxious for something that will not directly affect us.

Instead, let’s concern ourselves with the many current cultural affairs
which include dark deceptions on so many battle fronts!  Please, if you
have not already done so, give this a look-over:  www.endmin.org
Do so for Truth’s sake and for your protection in this evil day.
To view our short book promo:  Click Here
Q #33  Others also teach the "Final" Trumpet of I Cor. 15 is the 7th Trump of Rev. 11.  Are 
           you in agreement with their understanding(s) of the Final Trumpet Rapture details?
It all depends on how the "other" understandings  of this relationship are defined.
Let us cite a perfect example.  If you would place Endtime Ministries' view as
"another view holding this relationship," for purposes of example, here's our answer:
Absolutely NOT!  And THANK YOU for raising this good question. It’s really important that these kinds of questions are asked … and answered, for Truth’s sake!
While Irvin Baxter and the ministry team at Endtime Ministries say they hold the Rapture takes place at the 7th Trumpet of Revelation 11, it’s crucial that you understand The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering (FTRG) position is radically different in its chronological position while at the same time holds the final trumpet of I Cor. 15 is indeed the 7th Trumpet of Revelation 11.  PLEASE, do NOT define or evaluate the FTRG of Endurance Ministries in light of Endtime Ministries’ (ETMs') eschatological position, for ETM holds a major interpretive ASSUMPTION that bears many difficulties!   No, the last-trumpet understanding of Endtime Ministries in no way represents the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering of the Church as defined by Endurance Ministries (in light of the explicit data in the Word of God).

WHY?  Because ETMs' position is POST – TRIB in its claim AND states that Christ’s Return (and the Rapture event) takes place at Revelation 19. This in no way relates to the explicit biblical data as highlighted in the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering position.
But, you might ask, how is this possible given you both (EM – Endurance Ministries and
ETM – Endtime Ministries) claim the “final trumpet” of I Cor. 15 is the 7th Trumpet of Rev. 11?
This is a GREAT (and important) follow-up question!

Here’s how this is possible – but please discern: The two positions are NOT the same!
ETM teaches from the viewpoint that the Seals, Trumpets and Bowls are superimposed – at the very least, at key places.  In other words, their position as to the chronological unfolding of the Book of Revelation looks like this (see their recent DVD release called When Will The Rapture Happen?  for explicit examples of this teaching AND which demonstrates the coherence problems which we’ve described in our written response/handout referred to below):
                                                                     The Return of Christ
                                                                       AND the Rapture
                                                                       taking place here

Bowls/Vials                                                           Vs 6 & 7
Trumpets                                                                  T 7
Seals                                                                    Ss 6 & 7
Endurance Ministries’ position – on the other hand – holds the Bowls FOLLOW the Trumpets which FOLLOW the Seals.  This is HUGE when it comes to coherence (of position).  The position of ETM does NOT cohere; the position of Endurance Ministries does. (For our visual presentation on this important topic, please consider having us come out for a personal visit and we can more clearly detail our concerns.)  The position of EM can be diagramed in this manner: the Seals take place; (THEN) the Trumpets take place; (THEN) the Bowls occur:

                                                                    The Return of Christ
                                         The Rapture          to the earth taking
                                         taking place          place after the Bowls
                                         at the Final
The Initial Appearing           (7th) Trumpet                          l
of Christ taking place                                    _________
at the 6th SEAL                                   l       Bowls 1 - 7
                           l      Trumpets 1 - 7
Seals 1 - 7
So once again, the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering teaches the Church will
NOT be present on earth when God’s wrath takes place because we are gathered
PRIOR TO the pouring out of the Bowls of Wrath. (See I Thes. 5:1-11 and Rev. 3:10)
There are MAJOR reasons why the superimposed interpretation is biblically untenable.
Please write to us for a more thorough handout on the reasons why this is indeed the case.
(Snail-mail requests, please.)
Endurance Ministries
PO Box 92098
Portland, OR 97292

(Note:  The following was added on 4/11/12)
We’ve been made aware of a more accurate way to diagram Baxter’s position. Having
now done further research, we (at Endurance Ministries) believe there is indeed a more
accurate way of illustrating Baxter’s position in light of what he (Baxter) says. Here’s
our update:

In light of these quotes from Baxter (also stated on the DVD mentioned above):
                “Obviously God’s not going to pour out His wrath on His Church. … The
                wrath of God is poured out right at the last of the great tribulation and
                right at the time of the Battle of Armageddon.” “So the great tribulation
                is not the wrath of God. The great tribulation Is the wrath of Satan. 
                Now the wrath of God is in the book of Revelation. It’s in Revelation
                chapter number 16 under the seven vials of the wrath of God.”
      and in light of other explicit statements in this same DVD presentation, the
      following is a more accurate way of presenting his  Post-Trib  position:
                                                                 The Return of Christ
                                                           (The Battle of Armageddon)
                                                                    AND the Rapture
                                                     (The Marriage Supper of the Lamb)
                                                                    taking place here


                                                                          Vials 1-7
Trumpets                                                                T 7
Seals                                                                 Ss 6 & 7

But now we find even greater coherence problems! Let me simply
introduce two of them here:
1. Because Baxter now departs from a Full Superimposed
     position, he needs to give BIBLICAL reasons why he does so.
2. Baxter also says (after affirming ALL the Vials are the Wrath of God),
    “And those [the seven vials of Rev. 16] are the vials of wrath that
    will be poured out on the invading armies that will be coming down
    against Israel at the time of the Battle of Armageddon.” 
This, dear friends, is a major problem on many fronts. Why?
Let me simply state one problem here:

How can Vials 1 – 5 be poured out on something that has not
yet gathered? The armies of Armageddon are not gathered 
until the 6th Vial. This is what Scripture says anyway. 

We anticipate Endtime Ministries will need to give counter
responses to these major problems – in addition to the other
problems with their position. We HOPE and PRAY you will
consider their responses in this manner: Does what they are
saying measure up to what the BIBLE actually teaches? Once
again, as we have been saying for decades: What does the
Word of God explicitly say?!
I’ve sent the following to Endtime Ministries – seeking further
clarification from them on some of these matters. I’ll share it
here for information purposes:

April 9, 2012

Dear Irvin and Dave (Robbins) – precious Brothers in Christ,
THANK YOU for your general appeal: Let’s be ready! AMEN!

In the hopes of helping your ministry efforts – especially that of guarding
against logical fallacies when the biblical text is used – we wish to bring
to your attention a few concerns RE: your end time position:
1.    You state in your DVD*  that the Seals, Trumpets and Vials (Bowls)
overlap – at least occasionally.  You diagram it in a way similar to
this full superimposition view:
                                                              The Return of Christ
                                                                AND the Rapture
                                                                taking place here

Bowls/Vials                                                  Vs 6 & 7
Trumpets                                                          T 7
Seals                                                           Ss 6 & 7
2.    You then go on to say all the Vials (which are the wrath of God)
are poured out on the armies of Armageddon (which would then
be communicating a partial superimposed viewpoint). 
In light of some of your comments in the DVD, it almost seems
as if this would be a better way to diagram your position:
                                                        The Return of Christ
                                                    (The Battle of Armageddon)
                                                           AND the  Rapture
                                              (The Marriage Supper of the Lamb)
                                                          taking place here

                                                                Vials 1-7
Trumpets                                                       T 7
Seals                                                       Ss 6 & 7
Question: How can it be that ALL the vials are poured out on
the armies of Armageddon when the armies don’t gather until
the 6th vial when the Euphrates River dries up and the demonic
deception fosters the kings of the east to gather their armies? 
(The text has very clear data on this event.) 
3.    How can your superimposed position be true in light of Rev.
15:5-8? Verse 8 says “no one” is able to enter the Temple
during the time of the Bowls. Yet, in Rev. 7:9-17 (especially
vs. 15), the great tribulation martyrs of Rev. 6:11 – that is, the
“fellow servants and their brethren” – come into God’s presence
as they are martyred in light of being in the Lord’s presence after
they die (absent from the body is to be present with the Lord –
Phil. 1:23; II Cor. 5:8).  These martyred Saints do enter into His
glorious presence upon their deaths and this takes place during
the Rev. 6 – 19 (superimposed) period … during the vials (if you
retain your graphic on your DVD which indicates the vials begin
the same time the seals and trumpets begin (representing the full
superimposed view).
Either way, the full superimposed view or the partial superimposed view
has MAJOR difficulties in light of the actual content of Scripture.
I would suggest you reconsider the other view (teaching the Seals unfold,
the Trumpets unfold, then the Bowls of Wrath unfold). This is a view
the Church, through the ages, has held (which does NOT make it true BUT
it does show there are grounds/evidences for this view). It also does not
have the problems your view has due to the sequential unfolding of the
seals, trumpets and vials. 

Please respond to our concerns listed above. Thank you.
Co-laboring with you unto our great God’s glory and praise,
Dr. Jon Swanson
Field Director of Endurance Ministries
Bio at: http://www.missionsdoor.org/missionary/swanson-jon

*  DVD:  When Will The Rapture Happen? 
Our closing comment to our site readers:

Baxter offers great insight when he says some dangerous teachings
(like dogmatic Pre-Tribulationalism) may produce dangerous conse-
quences. What are some potential consequences IF one dogmatically
holds Endtime Ministries’ superimposed view and it happens to be
Q #34  ... So are you saying Endurance Ministries and the ministry team have
          THE Truth about end-time details?
As stated in the Word of God, it’s the  Bible  that graciously presents His Truths.
As understood by the definition and concept of “truth,” yes, truth is narrow!
As our book states in various ways, there is  one  (holistic) biblical truth concerning
Creation;  there is  one  biblical doctrine concerning the Person and Saving Work of
Jesus Christ. These Truths are faithfully revealed in the 66 books of the Bible.
Okay, a couple closing comments in response to this specific question:
1.  God’s Word also offers  one  holistic (and True) scenario of His Son’s glorious Return.

2.  IF we have been unfaithful to Scripture, PLEASE let us know where and
                we will make correction.
By God’s mercy and grace, we are teachable in light of the authoritative (explicit)
Word of God and are open to – we sincerely give listening ear to – Family in Christ’s
God-honoring concerns.
Feel free to contact us at the mailing address posted just above this 34th question.
Q #35  How do anti-Christian religions contribute to the end of days?  
Do you have 15 minutes to ponder  CURRENT  expressions of the spirit of Antichrist?
Allow us to use one most pressing example - Islam.  This example is one which is possibly even tied to the Second Seal of Revelation 6 (vv. 3,4).  Thank God, dear Christian, for the reliability of His Holy Word, the Bible!
[ A 2018 "NB" :  The following links are no longer available, sorry! ]

We MUST look to Yahvah/Yeshua God for His resources/provisions
if we are to ENDURE through this time of conquering – Seal 1 (Rev. 6:1,2).
“Those who endure to the end will be saved.”  Matthew 24:13
Q #36  Now I'm REALLY confused!!  In FAQs #2 & #29 you state the Final Trumpet Rapture
          Gathering (FTRG) is emphatically NOT a mid-tribulation position.  BUT in FAQ #33
          you diagram a mid-trib position!  The FTRG  IS  indeed mid-trib, IS IT NOT?
NO, it’s actually not  BECAUSE  we define “tribulation” as the Word of God
defines it, NOT as many contemporary end-time prophecy experts or
theologians define it. Typically they define it as,
Daniel’s 70th Week
The Day of the Lord
Revelation 6:1 – 19:21
The Tribulation Week
The Period of Seals, Trumpets and Bowls
But this is NOT how the Word of God defines the eschatological tribulation period!! 
Look up this word in your concordance to find out just where the Word of God uses
“tribulation” in end-time settings.  According to Scripture, eschatological “tribulation”
(also translated “affliction” in other non-eschatological contexts) – Greek word, thlipsis
is especially addressed in Matthew 24/Mark 13 and Revelation 7:1.
So how do the passages above – passages which use the word “tribulation” – define it
AND where do these passages place this tribulation period?
Revelation 7:14 reads (as it addresses the question: From where does the great
[from all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues who are arrayed in white robes
and who stand before the throne and before the Lamb] come?),
     These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation, and [who]
     washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”
(Note: This occurs BEFORE the Seals end!)
Matthew 24 highlights the tribulation (vv. 9-14) and the great tribulation (vv. 15-22). 
It’s the information in these two passages which we use to define the eschatological
period before the return of Christ.
But you’d be amazed as to how some depart from these biblical Truths.
One prophecy voice says this of the end-time tribulation:
     “… God’s portrait of the Tribulation is a seven-year period of
     unspeakable horror that can only be described as hell on earth.
     The word tribulation is used in the Bible in a technical and non-
     technical sense. … When used in the technical sense, it refers to
     the seven-year period following the Rapture of the Church.”
     (NKJV Prophecy Bible; pp. 1182, 1183)
This same source also states,
     “Sometime after the Rapture, a seven-year period will begin which is
     called the Tribulation. … We know that this period will be seven years
     long because the Tribulation is the seventieth ‘week’ (lit. seventieth
     ‘seven’) prophesied by Daniel (Dan. 9:27). During this time God will
     pour out His wrath upon the earth in a series of judgments which
     are described in Revelation 6—19. The Tribulation is the beginning
     of ‘the day of the Lord.’” (NKJV Prophecy Bible; pg. xvii)
QUESTION: Have you read Daniel 9:27 lately? The definition above is pure supposition! 
This example is called  reading into the text  as opposed to allowing the text to say what
it clearly says.  And NO, the tribulation period as defined by Matthew 24:9-22 (hermen-
eutical principles tied to progressive revelation allow this) is not found in this Dan. 9:27
passage!  “Desolation,” YES; the technical understanding of the “Tribulation Week,” NO!
This same prophetic perspective communicates this concerning the Great Tribulation:
     "The Seals of Revelation 6 begin that period of time called the Great
     Tribulation.” (NKJV Prophecy Bible; pp.1580, 1581)
We need to STOP with all this (eisegetical) opinion and get back to the actual content
of the Word whereby we faithfully offer a definition in light of the biblical text – in this
case, Matt. 24 and Rev. 7:14 passages.
The “tribulation” is addressed in Matt. 24:9-22. During this time, many are killed – including
those who do not take the mark of the Beast.  (Rev. 13 also describes a portion of the
tribulation period when it says of the beast, “And it was granted to him to make war with
the saints and overcome them.” – see Rev. 13:7)  Daniel makes a similar comment:
     “I was watching; and the same horn was making war against the
     saints, and prevailing against them. … He [the little horn of vv. 8,20]
     shall speak pompous words against the Most High, shall persecute
     the saints of the Most High, and shall intend to change times and
     law. Then the saints shall be given into his hand for a time, times
     and half a time.” (Daniel 7:21,25)
It’s REALLY crucial we use the explicit content in the Word to define our terms. 
The “tribulation” is NOT:

     ~ Daniel’s 70th Week
     ~ The Day of the Lord
     ~ The Tribulation Week
     ~ The Seals, Trumpets and Bowls
     ~ Revelation 6:1 – 19:21.
Tribulation and great tribulation are defined in Matt. 24:9-22!  And please note: Days
FOLLOW the tribulation period according to this Scripture!   WOW!
But “NO!” some prophecy experts will tell you, “The Tribulation Week IS the end!” 
NOT SO according to Matt. 24:23. Read this next paragraph but note the events of
vv. 23-28 take place AFTER the tribulation is cut short! Read Matt. 24:15-28 carefully.
Read Matthew 24:15-31 carefully ... and don't neglect including Matthew 25:31 where
the return of Jesus Christ TO the earth is highlighted. 
AFTER the great tribulation is cut short,
1) heavenly signs immediately take place (vs. 29)   … “then”
2) the sign of the Son of Man occurs (vs. 30; cf. Rev. 6:14-17) … “then”
3) the false christs and false prophets of vv. 23-28 appear.
THEN the Rapture Gathering of the elect takes place … YES, it’s at this time the
RAPTURE happens!  (Mt. 24:31; cf. I Cor. 15:51,52/Rev. 10:7; I Thes. 4:13-18;
Revelation 11:15ff and 14:14-16)
Therefore (because of the things mentioned above),
1. End-time events take place AFTER the great tribulation is cut short;
2. We affirm the explicit teaching of the Word (that the Rapture
     occurs at the “final” trumpet [of I Cor. 15 & Rev. 11]; at the
     gathering of the elect [in Matt. 24:31]; at the taking up His
     Church [in I Thes. 4]; at the first harvest of Rev. 14);
AND, because of the explicit biblical data concerning Daniel’s 70th Week and the
way in which the Book of Revelation unfolds,
3. We affirm the explicit teaching that we are Raptured before
     the Bowls of Wrath.
Can you NOW see why we are NOT Mid Trib in eschatological position – both in light
of the experts’ faulty definition of the word “Tribulation” and in light of Matthew 24’s correct
definition of the tribulation period?  While the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering takes place
AFTER the tribulation, it's CRUCIAL you understand we are also NOT "Post-Trib" as the
position is typically defined!
  Oh no, we hope you're not CONFUSED again!!  We say
this simply due to the assumptions most Post-Tribulationalists include in their position.
Typically the Post-Tribulationalists END Daniel's 70th Week at the end of the tribulation
BUT this is NOT what Matthew 24:23 teaches.  Read it for yourselves.  The great tribula-
tion is cut short BUT there are things which follow the great tribulation period.  Matthew
24:23 goes on to read, "Then ..."  Perhaps it's time for a little visual aid.
For a visual chart reflecting the data above, click here.
The global Gathering of the elect (according to the Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering)
occurs AFTER the Matthew 24:9-22 period of tribulation. (Please remember, we must
use biblical definitions to define the eschatological tribulation period.)  The Rapture
Gathering does NOT take place until the heavenly signs of Matthew 24:29 occur; until
after the Sign of the Son of Man takes place AND until after the season of the false
prophets (of Matthew 24:23-28).  Because the Sign of the Son of Man takes place at
the 6th Seal, it's during the time of the early Trumpet blasts when the false prophets
of Matthew 24:23-28 are, with miraculous signs and wonders, doing their deceiving.
This is  H U G E !   We cry out in this way for good reason: We do so toward the goal
of helping Family in Christ be  ready  for the days of the end until we are gathered up
to meet the Lord in the air (before the pouring out of His wrath upon the earth at the
time of the Bowls of Wrath).
Q #37  Are there false teachings being taught in the church today - teachings
           which directly oppose biblical instruction concerning the last days before
           Christ's glorious return?
Yes there are. In fact, there are many. The quote below is from a CD catching Kris
Vallotton’s presentation at Bethel Church’s School of Ministry – where Kris lists
“eight core values” tied to Dominion theology. You (the reader) discern the dangerous,
partial-truth instruction for yourselves.
Kris Vallotton’s Eschatological Applications (“8 Core Values”)

"I will not embrace an end-time worldview that re-empowers a disempowered Devil.
 I will not accept an eschatology that takes away my children’s future and creates mindsets that
    undermine the mentality of leaving a legacy.
 I will not tolerate any theology that sabotages the clear command of Jesus to make disciples of
    all nations and the Lord ’s Prayer that earth should be like heaven.
 I will not allow any interpretation of Scripture that destroys hope for nations and undermines
    our command to restore ruined cities.
 I will not embrace an eschatology that changes the nature of a good God.
 I refuse to embrace any mindset that celebrates bad news as a sign of the times and necessary
    requirement for the return of Jesus.
 I ‘m opposed to any doctrinal position that pushes the promises of God into a time zone that can’t 
    be obtained in my generation and therefore takes away any responsibility I have to believe God
    for them in my lifetime.
 I don’t believe the last days are a time of judgment nor do I believe God gave the church the right
    call for wrath for sinful cities.  There’s a day of judgment which God will judge men but it won’t
    be us."

Okay, since the Word of God is our ultimate standard for Faith and Practice (as opposed to, in
this example, Kris' standard as presented in these 8 core vaules - though he offers some helpful
[that is, biblical] things elsewhere), how do the above values hold up when evaluated in light of the
full Counsel of Scripture?  If we know His Word, we discern the false teachings above.  So let’s
measure all things in the light thereof.  (Psalm 119:105)
Q #38  Do you agree with the way Daniel's 70th Week is typically defined by most
No, and here’s why: There are biblical reasons to reconsider the construction of the
70th Week of Daniel. We’ll cite three of those reasons at this time.
1. Recent translations of Daniel 9:27       ESV & NRSV
“And he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week, and for half of the week 
he shall put an end to sacrifice and offering. …” (ESV; emphasis ours)
This rendering of the Hebrew word for “half” and/or “middle” allows for the taking away of
the daily (that is, the putting an end to the sacrifice and offering) to occur around the time 
the covenant is made – at the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week. 
Currently, most Pre-millennial positions place the taking away of the daily event at the
midpoint of the 70th Week. If our proposal (that the taking away of the daily/regular offering
could occur around the time the covenant is made and that it lasts for half of Daniel’s 70th
Week – as opposed to beginning mid-week) is possible, this would allow for – if not
strongly call for – new studies into this important dilemma.
2. The potential 1,290-day separation of the two events mentioned in Daniel 12:11
Many Bible interpretations over the centuries have separated the event of the taking away
of the daily from the event of the Abomination of Desolation given the way in which Daniel
12:11 is constructed, but this is not the case today on the part of most Pre-millennialists. 
Currently, most Pre-millennial positions place the taking away event at the same time the
Abomination of Desolation occurs—at the midpoint of the 70th Week. If this interpretive
assumption is incorrect, this would allow for – if not strongly call for – new studies into this
important concern.  (see On Reading Daniel 12:11: A New Proposal where a view which
separates the two events is once again proposed)
3. Eschatological days unfold AFTER the Great Tribulation concludes
The context of Matthew 24 teaches there are days which follow the conclusion of the Great
Tribulation. Think about this for just a moment. Most Pre-mills place the conclusion of the
70th Week of Daniel at the time the Great Tribulation stops. But this is NOT what the Word
states in Mt. 24. In fact, this passage teaches to the contrary. It actually states end-time days
follow the Great Tribulation period.
The Greek word tote (“then”) is an adverb of time. This grammatical use includes the places
where the word (“then”) is used in the Matthew 24 context. Note
the textual progression. The false proclamations (of Matthew 24:23-26) occur after the event
of the cutting short of the great tribulation. One viable (and most explicit) interpretation of this
paragraph is this: After the cutting short of the Great Tribulation, false christs and false
prophets will appear, ones showing great signs and wonders. Another aspect of their deception
is the claim to know the physical location of Christ. In fact, the deception will be of such
magnitude that our Lord’s advance warning (vs. 26) includes the degree of this deception:
“… so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.” This is no small matter!  So how do the
days of the end unfold in light of the explicit end-time data we find in the authoritative Word
of God? Great question! It’s an important one to ask in light of consequences tied to this issue.
Here’s a summary of the chronology given by our Lord Jesus in Matthew 24 and 25:
Birth Pains  ...  Tribulation & Great Tribulation  ...  Heavenly Signs  ...  Son of Man Sign  ...
False Proclamations concerning the whereabouts of Christ – ones we are not to heed!  ...
The Rapture Gathering            [The Matthew chronology stops at 24:31 in order to inject some
                                             parabolic insight and general counsel concerning these days.
... and finally  ...                     The chronological development is taken up again in 25:31.]
Our Lord’s Second Advent, Earthly Rule and Great White Throne Judgment

We’d like to pose some fair questions at this juncture, especially if you’re somewhat familiar with biblical end-time prophecy: Do you find yourself wrestling with this appeal due to its departure from recent tradition – that is, the interpretive tradition which teaches Daniel’s 70th Week concludes at the end of the Great Tribulation and brings the Return of Christ? Stated yet another way: Is it possible the 70th Week of Daniel does not conclude (terminus ad quem) at the close of the Great Tribulation as many end-time charts teach? In light of biblical data, days follow the Great Tribulation, ones which include the period of the stellar signs, the sign of the Son of Man and the days allowing for the false signs and proclamations concerning the whereabouts of Christ. (Remember, He appears in the sky and people go on to wonder where He’s gone. The false prophets will take advantage of this opportunity and will mislead many.) 
In the setting of the analogy of Scripture (toward the goal of considering the whole Counsel of the Word of God on this topic), the days following the termination of the Great Tribulation are days which include the events unfolding during the season of the trumpet blasts—Revelation 8 - 11. At the “last” trumpet, in harmony with I Cor. 15:51, 52, the Rapture event occurs. This is where we at Endurance Ministries can indeed claim we have explicit warrant for this “Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering. The Rapture event, as stated in black and white in Scripture, occurs at the “last trump.”
A word of clarification: We are offering this scenario as a proposal for your prayerful and exegetical consideration. As you look into this viable eschatological viewpoint, please discern the difference between explicit biblical data from that of positional opinions* imposed upon the text(s) when you critically evaluate this view. Thank you. 
This is submitted with the intent of honoring and glorifying the One Who alone is worthy of all worship and praise … His name: Yahweh Yeshua – the only eternal Creator God and the One Who alone has secured salvation for sinners through Christ Jesus the LORD.  
* These opinions come from religious and/or denominational tradition(s), presumed theological tenets (but ones which are indeed extra-biblical), personal theological preferences (more frequent in this Postmodern era), etc.
Q #39  Just how do you "label" those who make false prophetic claims?
What is the authority by which judgments can be made in light of a biblical worldview?
Our opinions don’t matter. What matters is that we apply God’s standard as our criteria
for discerning contemporary teachings, especially if they are expressed as dogma.
In light of this plumb line, here’s our answer: (NB: We are using the emphatic
Pre-Tribulation Rapture [PTR] viewpoint as our example.)
Scripture provides a standard for testing those who bring “thus says the Lord” appeals.
(Deut. 13 & 18 present some helpful parameters.)
IF someone claims something will take place and it does not actually come to pass, how
are we to respond (especially in light of Deut. 18 and New Covenant principles)? 
In application of God’s Word being our compass, how can this be applied to those who
teach (dogmatically) the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, especially since this teaching is not
explicitly stated in Scripture?
More concisely stated, IF the rapture gathering of the Church does NOT take place
before the period of Tribulation and Great Tribulation, how are we counseled to
respond? Those who taught the Pre-Trib position prior to the tribulation period
(which begins, according to the standard [PTR] teaching, at the time the Covenant
is made – Daniel 9:27) should actually then be labeled “false prophets,” for they
have predicted a certain event will take place (namely, the Pre-Trib Rapture) when,
in fact, it fails to occur. Please dear Church, be willing to call a spade a spade if this
comes to pass.
IF the Antichrist comes on the global scene and the Church has not yet been taken up,
are we willing to follow God’s New Covenant instruction as to how we should respond to
those who have taught falsely on this subject? We sure hope so! 
But what about godly teachers and pastors who teach the Pre-Trib view? What are we to
do IF this dilemma surfaces?  Our suggested answer: Follow the Counsel as clearly outlined
by our soon-coming King; follow God’s counsel found in His Word, the Bible. Don’t look to
those who teach extra- or un-biblically for direction. Remember, deception is a major theme
during the end times. Our Lord has graced us with wonderful, protective mandates. Will we
humble ourselves and follow our Divine Shepherd? We thank the Lord His true sheep will. 
So once again we find our message (that is, Endurance Ministries’ appeal) most appropriate:
Go to His Word for True and Safe instruction through the growing storm until He returns and
takes us to Himself before His wrath is poured out upon the earth dwellers.
Q #40  In your materials you claim II Timothy 4:3-4 is taking place today.  How so? 
In a couple spots on our many web sites we claim the Theory of Evolution is one fulfillment
of this prophecy. (Please understand, we are talking about the big-picture Neo-Darwinian
myth (which also includes holistic Evolutionary Theory from the Big Bang to the present),
not what we observe in genetic variation which God has so graciously and so mar-
velously created.  [NB: The fallacy of extrapolation is committed all the time by evolutionary
proponents in relationship to this. They often cite change within a created kind but then go on
to falsely apply the observation in a way that is in complete denial of observed and historical
science – the using of the known (i.e., genetic variation) to apply to, in our case, a myth.]  
And by the way, never forget the wisdom offered by a European, non-Creation scientist in his
book, Darwinism, The Refutation of a Myth: “I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be
ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science.”   Soren Lovtrup in  Darwinism: The
Refutation of a Myth
; Croomhelm, New York, 1987, pg. 422 [emphases mine].” It’s not only
the Word of God that has labeled this lie a myth!)  Do you have a few minutes?  Click here
for a short video relating to this important topic.  Example #2  (Transcription & Translation video)
COOL new addition (5/14) along the lines of fearfully and wonderfully madeExample #3
But this is only one of many contemporary fables being embraced by present culture. There
are other myths being taught and received today. Here’s a short list, but one including
teachings of great significance.
1. The lie that all religions are basically the same. There are many expressions of this offense
      to reason. Some are more direct than others. Two more subtle appeals include Baha’i and

2. The rejection of biblical sexuality for that of many cheap and dangerous substitutes.
      (e.g., "sexual orientation" ; present culture's redefinition of marriage ; et al.)  The days of
      Lot are here - Sodom and Gomorrah are clearly described in Genesis 19 and in the New 
      Testament book of Jude - and just happen to be one of the signs Jesus Christ mentions
      will take place just prior to His glorious coming (see the 17th chapter of Luke).

3. False revisionist-history appeals (e.g. denials of the Holocaust; Neo-Gnostic Christology
      a demonic doctrine portraying the spirit of antichrist – actually believed by the majority
      of global population today). Wow, and yet the faith-based skeptics who reject the super-
      natural laugh at the very claim they are in worldview bondage to their lord, the devil.  Once
      again, it’s amazing how deception plays out but so very sad in that the consequences
      tied to this false teaching are of eternal duration. (If you are presently NOT a follower of
      Jesus Christ, now’s the time to accept His gift which was so graciously given during the
      days of His Incarnation almost 2,000 years ago. Write to us for more crucial information
      on this eternally significant matter at  EMFieldDirector@gmail.com .)
4. There’s one final fable worth mentioning, one we’ve just recently discovered in the setting
      of epistemic (related to knowledge) appeals: The secular academic community, while
      affirming “spirituality” is a viable theory of reality, denies practical outcomes of a super-
      natural worldview in practice. One recent example was a dogmatically issued restriction
      to truth pursuit (by a philosophy prof) in response to one of our students asking a “how
      do we know” question in his philosophy class. After securing the prof’s affirmation that,
      yes, a supernatural view of life is a valid perspective, the prof then went on to demonstrate
      inconsistency when he then told the student (something like): “You cannot appeal to
      biblical information. This source is not acceptable in this [educational] context.”
Be discerning dear reader. The world is rejecting Truth for foolishness … for myths which
deny even basic, common sense appeals. And for those readers who are followers of Jesus
Christ, rejoice dear Saints, for His Word is sure – forever settled in heaven. Like those who
witnessed the fulfillments of biblical prophecies concerning His first coming (in the first
Century, A.D.) so too are we witnessing signs affirming His soon return.  Until this precious
blessed hope  unfolds, walk with Him by abiding in His glorious Counsel to us – guidance
second to none found in His Word.
Even so, please, come quickly LORD Jesus!
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