Endurance Ministries
Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Enduring to the end!

Current Affairs

Erwin Lutzer, pastor emeritus of Moody Church in Chicago, pens some amazing things concerning the pivotal place where we currently stand. After addressing some of the details that unfold during the rule of antichrist, he writes, "Even though I believe that the Christians who are living today will be raptured before the Great Tribulation, the fact is that the persecution I’ve spoken about can begin at any time." (pg. 174 in Christ Among Other gods) World conditions are such that a global leader could emerge at any time. All this to say, when the Word of God speaks of certain events and global themes (deception, for example), we are counseled to watch. May God’s people grow in His discernment today. Endurance Ministries is devoted to helping the people of God grow in Biblical understanding whereby we are correctly discerning the times.

Remember that deception is a major theme/occurrence in the days prior to the return of Christ. Also, never forget I Timothy 4:1 and II Thessalonians 2:3! God’s people must be Biblically literate on these things. God’s Word is such a pure (Psalm 12) guide. Thus our appeal on the prior page to read and study the Bible. We must continue to be people of the Book. It’s God’s Word that serves as the light to our path, not contemporary church traditions nor majority vote.

The Word emphasizes a figure of deception in the final days. Because deception is just that - deceptive to the extent that those who are in the clutches of deceit do not even realize it - we must be discerning people. When the one world figure emerges, you can be certain that great deception will occur such to hide this evil dictate for who he is. As the wicked one masquerades as an angel of light, so too will the antichrist appear as a benevolent ruler who will save the world. The real identity of this imposter will only be clear to those who are Biblically literate on this and related themes. Those who are will even have the blessing of which Daniel 11:33-35 speaks.

Once this revealing of the first beast takes place (Rev. 13), we will also know without a shadow of doubt through experience that tribulation comes before the gathering of God’s people. When this figure steps up to his position as global messiah, he will make even further appeal toward a very specific globalism - a rule asking for (actually demanding) the world’s allegiance, yes even worship (also developed in Rev. 13).

Are you ready for that day? Would you be able to discern the man of duplicity remembering that he will, though his diplomacy and intrigue, deceive the whole world? Being in the Word of God can help bring insight second to none. While these are heavy thoughts, there is some GOOD NEWS in all of this.