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Friday, September 17, 2021
Enduring to the end!

About Us

In brief, we are devoted to the Lord of glory, Jesus Christ, His great commission and commands to go with Good News and to love God with our whole heart, soul and mind, not neglecting the loving of our fellow mankind through obedience to the Word of God (I John 5:1-5).  In this broad ministry goal, education concerning some specifics is emphasized.  Use the following colored sections to gain a better understanding as to the particulars of this Biblically founded ministry.  (For those wishing a printed copy of this page, please use the "print page" icon to the left or you must copy, paste, and then print if you wish to catch the entire text - printing from this site does not always include the entire document.  We apologize for the inconvenience.) 

This page gives more information about us through the following three sections:

A simple statement as to what we are seeking to accomplish through this site

An official statement from our constitution quoting our purpose and objectives  Click here

A quote from Article 12 of our constitution concerning the major Biblical themes emphasized

OK, let's try to state the intentions of this service to you through the following three descriptions.  If you have additional questions after looking over the material that follows, please contact us through the email link at the end of this page.  THANKS!

A simple statement as to what we are seeking to accomplish through this site

The Bible predicts major deceptions prior to the return of Jesus Christ.  Endurance Ministries is devoted to further educating its participants in the end-time Truths God has graciously revealed to us.  He has clearly articulated some very specific themes that will be prevalent before His Son's return to the earth.  You've most likely heard the phrase, "repetition for the sake of emphasis."  Well, God repeats certain themes in His Word time and time again.  There is a reason for this - consequences related to these themes are of eternal significance.  Because God cares for us, He desires us to discern the great duplicity unfolding in the days of the end.  This ministry develops these clearly defined concerns through appeal to God's revealed Word.  "What does God say about these things?" is the foremost question at hand.  But these end-time passages are just that - prophetic in nature and speak to future things.  So why worry about the future when we have enough trouble today?  Good question!

Recent history and contemporary indicators clearly point to the unfolding of these themes before our very eyes, TODAY!  Just so you don't miss it, here it is in another form: Events are happening today that fulfill these very predictions, especially deceptions that are emphasized repeatedly in Biblical prophecy.  In addition to heralding the major passages that speak to what God says about the days before His Son's return to earth, Endurance Ministries is devoted to the message:  "These very end-time events are occurring TODAY.  They are no longer future, but are actually happening right now!"  We are not seeking to be sensationalistic in this, simply realistic.  There are many evidences, undisputed ones, which speak to this very reality.  Endurance Ministries opens this, what seems to be a black box in this deceptive day.  Why is it that we are so slow in discerning our day?  Oh, that's right, isn't that how deception works?  Those caught in the lie do not even realize their state.  This ministry goes from education about the clear warnings in Scripture (about end-time issues) to the citing of many current-day events that fulfill these very predictions.  In other words, that which the Bible talks about concerning the days before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is beginning to unfold TODAY.  Are we discerning these things?  This educational ministry accomplishes this goal through newsletters, web sites and presentations of many types.

As a result of the current cultural affairs, we have urgent needs.  One of many is to expose these deceptions and movements that are rampant in society today.  We have a crucial problem, but this service goes on to offer the ministry of education concerning the exposing of this problem.  Endurance Ministries is devoted to education about these urgent matters.  We go from proclaiming what the Word of God clearly says concerning the days just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to giving evidence of present-day events and activities that are actually fulfilling these very Biblical prophecies.  We do this (education) through frequent emails, ten web sites and "Enduring Matters!" "Truth Matters!" and "Current Matters!" presentations - from seminars to classes, from sermons to conference sessions.  Given the educational emphasis of this service, other ministry expressions (like the providing of food during the upcoming global food shortages) are outside of the scope of this ministry. 

Another way to communicate the above is through the quoting of our purpose and objective statements.

An official statement from our constitution quoting our purpose and objectives

"The purpose of Endurance Ministries is to glorify God through the promotion of Biblical Truths which will be especially vital in the days prior to the Second Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ."  This is our purpose statement.  Our objectives are equally clear.  "Given Endurance Ministries' purpose, the primary ministry objectives are educational in nature: Evangelistic unto Christ Jesus; Edifying unto Christ-likeness; and Equipping unto the work of the ministries of Evangelism and Edification."

A quote from Article 12 of our constitution concerning the major Biblical themes emphasized

The final paragraph of Article Three of the constitution of Endurance Ministries, Inc. is a good introduction to the quoting of the final article in our constitution which clearly articulates the end-time themes emphasized in the Word of God, the Bible.  "In obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, His people are to discern the times prior to His Second Advent and thus be ready for His glorious return.  It is commitment to this readiness which brings/highlights Endurance Ministries' distinctive.  Although a theological chronology of end-time events is offered, this ministry emphasizes current cultural trends which are addressed in the Word as important end-time themes having eternal significance.  A list of these consequential concerns is included in Article Twelve of our constitution document.  Because of these God-given mandates, Endurance Ministries takes seriously the tasks of Evangelism and Discipleship."  The following is a partial quote of Article Twelve:

"Truth matters, especially given the consequence which comes as a result of acting upon belief.  But just how does one go about forming belief, including general worldview and specific perspective on particular topics?  One must have an epistemological foundation upon which to stand.  Christians have as their foundation, the Word of God.  This essential allows for the living out of God’s worldview.  Within its pages, it warns of deceptions, deceptions lying not in the distant future but that are present today.  Through the Word of God, the discerning of worldly culture, in which lies these deceptions, is extended.  One of the lists of end-time character qualities includes hatred of God and His People.  As the cultural deceptions are exposed (we are to forewarn others of the looming evils which bear great consequence), the Word of God teaches that great persecution will come to those who, as a result of genuine loving care for those around them, expose the deceptions.  God’s Word does not stop here.

Other related concerns are emphasized.  God’s People are to patiently endure under these circumstances.  They are to remain faithful to sound doctrine in the midst of a world that has rejected Truth for myth.  As the world mandates a global culture, syncretistic demands will be made.  God’s People are told to respond, not in agreement, but in rejection - we are to separate from the worldly system.  As a result, a further wave of persecution will occur.  This takes place under the leadership of one who the Bible calls "antichrist."  As one in absolute opposition to Jesus Christ, even claiming to be Christ ("anti" communicates two ideas: against and instead of), Christians will have no part with this figure but will remain faithful to the True Messiah, Jesus Christ.  Given all these are revealed in Scripture, Endurance Ministries seeks to provide help and encouragement in response."  (Article Twelve)

This hopefully gives you a clear picture concerning what we are all about.  God's prophetic Truths are once again unfolding before our very eyes.  Jesus Christ's return is near.  May God bless you and keep you in these exciting days of great opportunity, as difficult as they might be.  God is faithful.  "And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.  The night is far spent, the day is at hand.  Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.  Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust, not in strife and envy.  But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts."  Romans 13:11-14 (NKJV)

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